Curriculum & Syllabus

Curriculum Overview

MURP curriculum is structured to match the competence profile with current issues, trends, and user’s needs. There are some criteria that needs to be met in order to provide good urban and regional planning education to the students.

The new curriculum is implemented in January 2017 to the new students. The 2017 curriculum defines the concentration based on spatial ontology (Neighborhood, Urban, and Regional). The concentration definition is based on actual planning issues and development sectors to ensure student’s abilities on each concentration. Students have the freedom to choose their own concentration based on their interests. The 2017 curriculum is divided into 4 semesters which are presented in a curriculum map. The curriculum map is structured to correlate vision-mission with the programme learning outcomes. The curriculum map is structured into: Studio Complex and Thesis Complex, where the courses have to be taken consecutively.

The studio provides professional and practical exercises to a planner. It is an estuary to all studied courses. While the thesis complex is designed to support the forming of intended graduate profiles as a researcher. Both research in public policies or academic research with the purpose of developing theories. The two courses have to be taken consecutively. Below is the latest curriculum map.

Course Syllabus

1st Semester

2nd Semester

Elective Courses